In 2010, MPL adopted a Facilities Plan “Rethinking Libraries for the 21st Century” which outlined three development strategies to guide redevelopment of our branch library system. Aligned with this plan, MPL recommended to the City of Milwaukee a preferred development program for the replacement of the Forest Home, Mill Road, Martin Luther King, and Capitol libraries by 2020.  The Mayor and Common Council have budgeted $18 Million for the replacement of these libraries, or $4.5 Million each.

The new libraries will be part of mixed-use buildings and MPL is now planning for the replacement of the Martin Luther King library.

The proposed new library should anchor a catalytic community economic development project for the Harambee neighborhood and MLK Business Improvement District. The new building located on the parcel at 310 W. Locust Street should have a signature design that elevates the library as an important “third place” in the community. In community building a third place is the social surroundings separate from the home (first place) and work (second place).

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